The Vision of a Real Object Application Framework

These days the smartphone is turning into a personal/ized mobile runtime environment 
equipped with a GPS receiver and broadband connectivity to submit and retrieve ..

real world information at real time -- now !

  • By transmitting and processing useful information, (mobile) computers are becoming the neurons of a global network.
  • High availability of live data poses a great challenge to project it into a virtual world reflecting the real world.
  • The vision of the ROAF is to collect Real Object clients (ROs) live data and synchronize it in Real Object Application (ROApp) scenarios. 
  • Different ROApps can be mashed up in the ROApp Framework (ROAF) to create ..

a live simulation of the real world !

With a growing number of data sources the clients data can be validated against each other to detect conflicts and become more and more authentic and serve as ..

a reliable source for live real world data !


» The Real Object Application Framework
- is a toolkit to model the world
is taking the web 2.0 to the web 3.D
a live projection of the real world