The Real Object Application Framework

The Real Object Application Framework is a software library of tools and components to publish real world scenarios online.

The Vision

The initial vision to design the a Real Object Application Framework was to capture GPS data in conjunction with any other real world data via (mobile) client software. Any number of clients can connect to a server where all incoming data is validated against each other and synchronized to be used for any ..

real world live simulation.               

the ROAF vision ...

Fractal Architecture

With the fractal architecture of the ROAF most any real world simulation can be composed.

Every Real Object (RO Client) can be programmed individually to represent any physical thing.

Every Real Object Application (ROApp Server) controlls dedicated RO clients in one scenario and can 'publish' selected live data with added value to other ROApps.

Any number or ROApp servers can be combined in the Real Object Application Framework (ROAF) to merge different real world aspects together.

Technically the ROAF represents a public key infrastructure (PKI).
Certified ROApp servers can act as certification authorities (CA) and sign RO client certificates (X.509v3)

to provide a plausible, reliable and stable source for live real world data.

fractal architecture ... 

Plain Java


The ROAF library is written in plain  Java™, Standard Edition (JSE™) 



  and published as  GPL Open Source SoftwareGPLv3


With the JavaTM Platform, Standard Edition Development Kit (JDK) anyone can become a to create individual Real Object clients and/or dedicated Real Object Applications.

a Java project ...