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This Tutorial Trail refers to Chapter 5 of the Book.

As a matter of principle the RO, ROA and ROAF components are developed without a graphical representation. Note that the roafx package is labeled with x to indicate that it is not an essential part of the framework and only an extension; like the Swing Framework is coded in javax packages. There are enough commercial and free (map) tools on the market for drawing with spatial coordinates. Also the choice for a mapping frontend is often tied to the device of the vendor and has to be evaluated for every project individually.

Nevertheless human perception is dominated by visual information, and it is more intuitive to display traces on a map rather than looking at large amounts of decimal numbers. Therefor a Java Swing JPanel is specialized to a simple MapPanel as a demonstation to visualize positions and routes for ROAF development.

Requirements for a Map GUI

The roaf.gps package has classes and interfaces to deal with geographical coordinates (WGS84). A mapping frontend should be able to deal with (latitude, longitude) tuples. Each coordinate set are decimal numbers describing a horizontal and a vertical scale of a Cartesian plane. The directions west and south are indicated by negative values. The GUI should also be able to display routes and animate traces, which requires a map refresh for every additional coordinate.

roaf.gps package

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