The ROAF Tutorials

The ROAF Tutorials walk you through the major packages and classes of the Real Object Application Framework and are ideal to learn Java and aligned with The Java Tutorials. The skill level is constantly growing and every section (or package) is backward compatible to earlier sections and does not require classes of the succeeding sections.

The ROAF Tutorials basically introduce the code developed during the writing of the book. In addition to the code the book adds motivation, background, thoughts and guidelines to 'the making of the ROAF'. The packages represent ROAF Version 0.0 of the initial development and design phase. These packages are deprecated and therefor stable for the Tutorials. They can be perceived as an informal certification for the actual ROAF software launched after the publication of the book and open for the ROAF community.

So please remember, if you consider contibutions to the ROAF:
  • ... packages for studying and playing around
  • roaf. ... library packages and 
  • roa.  ... reference application for development in the community

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