Open Source Software Consulting

At the end of the last century, i.e. millenium, the idea of Open Source had created competitive Software to any commercial system. After Netscape had demonstrated how to browse through the internet and new approaches became necessary the Netscape Communicator was released to the public with the complete Software.

Today the Open Source Community is providing Software for every Domain you can imagine and more than that many modern Software Components (continous integration chain etc.) is predefined and implemented via Open Source. As Open Source alos adheres to Standards like JEE it provides competitive Modules to any commercial Solution.

If you need Consultatiions about an Open Source Strategy in your Company I can help you via OpenBit where we collect all Open- Standards and consult Companies to integrate them into their business models. You can contact me via my OpenBit Profile and I can arrange a meeting with the Experts that you need.

Numerous Commercial Companies have joined the Open Source Initiative while Open Source Incubators, like The Apache Software Foundation, can be perceived as Competitors with a full portfolio of Software Components according to their quality benchmarks.