Geo Coding Software

In the Era of Smartphones (full fledged mobile computers) processing Geographic Data (Geospatial data) is essential for any Company doing Business via the Internet. Geo Data provides means to analyze localized markets and coordinates local data with the location of the consumer. Therefor Geocoding and reverse Geocoding are practically inevitable to make decisions for a successful business.

For most of my projects I have used Software and Standards from

OSGeo, The Open Source Geospatial Foundation

If you like to explore geospatial Software hands on, I recommend to install a Virtual Machine (like the Oracle VM VirtualBox) and download the OSGeo-Live Image. What you get is a Virtual Machine with a preconfigured Lubuntu System and loads of Geospatial Software covering the areas:

      • Desktop and Browser GIS
      • Web Services
      • Spatial Data Stores and Tools
      • Geospatial Libraries
      • Spatial Analysis Tools
      • Spatial Datasets

Most of the Software, like a PostGIS Database with a pgRouting Dataset is preinstalled and you can jump right into the Tutorials to get a grip.