My Skills for your Project !

You are currently looking at my private Website with my personal project 'The ROAF', which evolved when I started to focus my carrier on Geographical Data Processing around 2004. Meantime I have worked for the Automotive Industry building Navigation Systems like the Volkswagen RNS 510 with Siemens VDO (2004+5), as a Digital Map Engineer for NAVTEQ (2006-8) and for various Projects for Continental (2009-2016) like Tracking Systems for Big Data (continuous integration and deployment, Docker etc.).

2012 I published a Book to present GPS, Digital Maps and Navigation to Beginners. The Software was published on this Site and was restricted to plain Java (SDK) for simplicity.

2013 I have implemented a complete GPS Tracking System (GTS) for Ambient Assisted Living based on the skills I have gathered and designed similar to the architecture provided by OpenGTS, which is analyzed in detail on this Site.

Today I am working as a Freelance Programmer, i.e. GeoCoder for various Customers and Projects. The Project Environments should meet as many of the following criteria as possible:

Geo Coding 

for Java EE Server Technology

with Open Source Software

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