The ROAF & GPS Tracking Systems

The Vision of a Live Real World Simulation was driving the Development of the roaf v1.0 Software rolled out in the Book and published on this Website. In order to simulate this Scenario the roaf v1.0 Software represents a GPS Tracking System (called a ROApp - RealObjectsApplication) with programmable Tracking Devices (called ROs - RealObjects) connected via RMI connections. The idea is to explore the near Future of Real Time Tracking and to design Real World Scenarios to combine Objects in Real Time. The entire Framework was developed as a pure Java Stand alone application. The roaf v1.0 Software is not prepared to actually connect Tracking Devices - yet.

The roaf v1 is a simple environment, the Proof of Concept, for a Real World Simulator. This initial version has to be moved into a Real World Environment where it can actually connect to real devices to form a mashup of the Real World with different virtual Scenarios. This Website is providing an Analysis of Tracking Systems from the perspective of the ROAF Vision.

This 'Tracking' Section can be seen as a 'hands on' analysis of Tracking Components and Technology. It does not imply any roaf implementations and can serve as an overview of Open Source Players in the GTS business.

Tracking Systems and Tracking Devices

Currently the market for Tracking Devices and Tracking Systems is exploding and the technology is evolving very fast. Trackers are learning to use different GNNS (NAVSTAR, GLONASS, Galileo - some day ;) etc.) simultaneously or switch to Indoor Tracking (currently with local signal generators or pseudo satelites) seamlessly. Energy consumption is minimized, while communication on various channels (GSM, GPRS Quad Band, Bluetooth etc.) is maximized.

The roaf Software is not pushing into this market. The idea is rather to observe the market and add the roaf layer on top of existing Tracking Technology. In biz talk its more of a vertical than a horizontal relation.

For a ROApp Framework Environment identification the OpenGTS platform by GeoTelematics provides a perfect match being Open Source and Java. Studying, installing and testing OpenGTS is a prerequisite to follow the Reverse Engineering Process towards the roaf v2 software.

The Menu 'OpenGTS' was created to get started quickly. The Installation can be done in about five sessions (setup JDK, JavaMail, Ant, mySQL, JDBC, Tomcat and OpenGTS on top) and a few more to hook up the Trackers. The duration depends on the skills and interest to dig into each topic.


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