The ROAF reVision

The Book is describing the initial Vision and the Reader can witness the development of the Reference Application LondonChase. The Publication was aiming at a simple Reference Application exclusively programmed in Standard Java as a Proof of Concept. This Site is briefly reflecting the Book in the 'Vision Section', which also Provides the Application to run standalone on any JVM and some Tutorials to introduce different Components. 

This Page is dedicated to Developers that have not read the Book and would like to catch up to what the ROAF is all about - a Quick Start. In order to understand the Mission Statement of this Website it is vital to update the ROAF Vision developed in the Book. A Vision needs to captured with only a few sentences - the famous Elevator Pitch.

The Premiss

Let's pick up the Premiss that has guided the way to the initial Vision:

  • Miniaturization has turned Computers (Smartphones) into personal/ized runtime environments that can be used to transfer Real World Information anywhere, anytime!
  • Client Machines can be seen as Neurons interacting in a Global Neural Network.
  • Servers can synchronize Live Data from various Client Machines to reflect the Real World.
  • By validating the Remote Data (Streams) against each other Conflicts can be detected.

The Architecture

The premiss has lead to the Architecture of the major ROAF Components:

  • A RO - RealObject can represent any (virtual) Thing equipped with a (virtual) Tracking Device.
  • A ROServer - RealObject Server represents the technical layer to collect and standardize RO Data for unified processing in ROApps.
  • A ROApp - RealObject Application represents a Scenario, one aspect on/of the Real World.
  • The ROAF - RealObject Application Framework represents a network of ROApps similar to Map Layers that can be merged seemlessly and live - in space and time.
  • The ROAP - RealObject Application Framework Protocol to exchange Live Information in Real Time.

The Application

What can you do with the ROAF? What's the use? What is the Application ?:

  • The ROAF is is reflecting the Real World in Virtual Digital Worlds
  • The ROAF can project Virtual Objects into Virtual Digital Worlds
  • The ROAF is a Live Simulation of the Real World
  • The ROAF is a Reliable Source for Live Real World Data accessible via ROAP

Revisiting the ROAF Vision

First this reVision Menu is revising initial ROAF Components listed in the Architecture above for Visitors of this Site, which have not read the Book. Implicitly the Design is updated and adapted according to the gained experience.

The 'Tracking Section' is analyzing Java Open Source Tracking Systems and Components to find a suitable approach to integrate the ROAF with. These Components are compared to common GTS Components and Technologies - being Trackers (Hardware Clients), DCS, TCP/UDP, DB, Rules Engine, Map Frontend, Reporting Engine.

Then the main ROAF and Tracking Components the semantical and technical Components will be compared to determine Analogies. These Analogies should provide a rough road map to unfold the ROAF v2. Besides hooking up 'real' GTS Components other technical Libraries should be added to make use of modern Software Developments. 


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