Please remember that this OpenGTS Section on this Website is not claiming to explain OpenGTS. These pages are basically notes from an actual Reverse Engineering Process of OpenGTS presented to other Java Developers.

OpenGTS Introduction

The OpenGTS - Open GPS Tracking System by GeoTelematic Solutions, Inc. is a perfect match for the ROAF Vision - and it's 100% Java and Open Source! This section introduces the Tracking System, analyzes the Architecture and Components of this GTS. Since this Website is dedicated to the ROAF, OpenGTS should serve the purpose to follow the ROAF Vision, generalize Tracking Systems and define Components and APIs for the ROAF v2.

If you would like to actually do some Tracking and Tracing you should install the platform on your computer and use your Android with the free Tracking App MyLiveTracker as a Tracking Device. The OpenGTS Installation can be done in about five Sessions: setup JDK, JavaMail, Ant, mySQL, JDBC, Tomcat and finally OpenGTS on top.

After some Tracking experiments you will have a very good background to develop the roaf v1.x Software towards version 2.0 - to join the Mission.

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