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This Website was created
with the release of the 
to present the Books Vision
and provide a Platform to create an
Open Source Real World Simulator
with Java.

Here is a short overview of the three major menues vision, tracking and mission
to help you to pick an entry point according to interests and skills:

The Vision - get the picture!

If you haven't read the book and are interested in Real World Simulations you should begin with  'The ROAF Vision', which describes the basic ideas leading to the ROAF Software v1.0. If you are a Java Developer you can study the Developers section providing a compact White Paper and Javadocs to accompany the code.

If you are (or planing to become) a Java Developer you can go through 'The ROAF Tutorials' to get familiar with the fundamental Classes and Components of the Software. The Tutorials are aligned in the order of the Book and can assist book readers with 'hands on instructions' for the related chapters.

Once you have gone through all ROAF Tutorials you should have a good understanding of 'The ROAF Vision'. You can install the ROAF Software v1.0 provided in the Downloads section of this Site, play with it, do some modifications to collect ideas for further development.

Tracking - finding the adequate Technology

The Vision of a Live Real World Simulation was developed in the Book and published on this Website. In order to avoid dependencies the roaf v1.0 Software was developed exclusively on the Java Standard Language with the Java Developer Kit (JDK). This proof of concept was vital to focus on the vision, the idea of a Real World Simulation.

Technically the roaf v1.0 Software is not prepared to actually connect Tracking Devices. The next step to achieve a wider acceptance for the roaf Software, it should be embedded in a GPS Tracking System (GTS), which is actually being used by a larger community and in practice, in the Real World. The main purpose is to provide a Technology Platform to communicate with Real Remote Devices to form a mashup of the real world with different virtual scenarios.

The constraints to find one or more GTS are simply 'Java and Open Source'. The Section Tracking is analyzing the architecture of available Java Open Source Tracking Systems - without any roaf Development. Therefor the Section can also be of interest for Java GTS programmers.

The Mission - get involved!

After you feel comfortable with the Vision and Tracking Systems you are ready to join the Mission to the roaf v2.0 Software. This website was created to reflect the current developments from the isolated Demo Software roaf v1.0 to a Real World Software roaf v2.0, which will be able to track real devices (RealObjects) and observe them with a server application (RealObjectApplication).

You can get involved as a roaf developer and contribute to the organic growth of the software. As you will see reality is the only guideline to the ROAF and this site is the place to organize and synchronize ROAF Development beyond the Book, which merely describes 'The Making of the ROAF Version 1.0'.