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3rd party resources

In order to read the book or to follow The ROAF Tutorials you need to install a Java JDK, an IDE and a few more things to compile, modify and execute the code. This section assists you to find the (updated) links noted in the book.

book sources

These are the initial roaf packages developed during the writing of the book chapters (2, 4-10). The represent the ROAF v0.0 and are deprecated. Please use these files to follow the book chapters or The ROAF Tutorials online and to get a good understanding of the ROAF. If you want to get involved please refer to the source files of the ROAF v1.0

book resources

The book is following The ROAF Vision from beginning to end. Nevertheless the book introduces techniques, which are not directly related to the creation of the ROAF software. For example the chapters 7 and 8 thoroughly introduce the processing of digital maps to different target formats. These book resources provide the material created during the writing of the book and should be used to reproduce the code execution described in the book.

roaf v1.0 sources

The mission of the book is to provide a proof of concept for the Real Object Application Framework with a reference application. You can download the sources for the ROAF and the London Chase reference ROApp in one archive - for the time being. The book chapters 11 and 12 explain the client server architecture and the implementation of the scenario layer - the ROApp. Chapter 13 describes how to add more players and rules for your own implementation of the game.