3rd Party Resources

This section provides all external resources referred to in the book.

The order is aligned with the occurences in the book (chapter.section)

Java Standard Edition

The book software was exclusively developed with The Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) 

The latest roaf book and v1.0 sources were successfully compiled against
the Java Platform (JDK) 7u1 ( jdk-7u1-windows-i586.exe - 80MB! ).

To get the latest JDK please visit the The Oracle Java (SE) Download Section.

Eclipse Java IDE

The book software was developed beginning with Eclipse SDK Version 3.6.2.

The latest developments were done Eclipse Classic 3.7.1 (Indigo)
( eclipse-SDK-3.7.1-win32.zip - 174 MB! )

To get the latest IDE visit The Eclipse Download Section.

The Java White Paper (Chp 1)

The Java White Paper was used as a guideline in the first Chapter of the book.

It can be found here.

The Java Tutorial

The project development in the Book and The Online Tutorials is aligned with the online Java Tutorial.

The entry page can be found at The JavaTM Tutorials.

At the really big index you will find the links to the citations in the book's Gray Boxes.

The Java Certifications

The book illustrates the essentials of object-oriented concepts using a single Java project as an example. The project development is aligned with the online Java Tutorial and can serve as a tutorial for preparing for the Java Certifi cation Exams:

Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer

Oracle Certified Master, Java SE Developer

JavaGPS at SourceForge (Chp 4)

Parallel to the development of the roaf.gps.GPSunit the reader should have a look
at The JavaGPS Project by Ulrich Walther hosted at SourceForge:

" JavaGPS (V1.02) is a Java-only base library that enables access to GPS devices from within any Java application. Provides Java API, NMEA0183 parser, record and playback GPS log files, convert between earth dates and Gauss Krueger, GPS management GUI with map. "

The project given there gives a nice overview, preview, and review of global positioning coding and does not require very high-level Java. The image shows the available earth dates of JavaGPS