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General Installation Recommendation

For readers of the book and the ROAF Tutorials online it is recommended to install the book sources, resources and the roaf sources in one top level folder defining the 'workspace' for the IDE. The software was developed in this constellation and some paths are hardcoded for this structure:

+---(default package)
<yourPC>\workspace +-- book +-- src ~250 kB <= unzip the book.src.zip here ! +-- roaf +-- src ~500 kB <= unzip the roaf.src.zip here ! +-- resources ~92 MB ! <= unzip the book.rsrc.zip here !
+-- deployed ~120 kB
+-- gps ~47 MB ! +-- london.roa ~12 MB +-- OSM.compiler ~33 MB !

If you are using the eclipse IDE you can define the workspace as the roaf environment.

The folders book and roaf should be registered as two seperate projects in eclipse.

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