Building OpenGTS with ant

The Java Sources in the OpenGTS Releases form the core of the Tracking System.

On the previous pages the packaging of *.java files was analyzed. The actual compilation to *.class files is directed by the ant build process, which also takes care of archiving semantic entities in *.jar files.

So much for the plain Java Compilation Process. 

The complete build process does more than compiling Java files. It creates a 'build' folder with the final binary GTS and moves configuration files and prepared web resources (Images, JavaSkripts, Style Sheets and JSP files) into it. After looking at the structure of the java packaging the build.xml file can serve as a guideline to understand the entire GTS. 

The table at the bottom of this page is reflecting the major targets and their dependencies
and serves as a clickable 'table of content' for this section.

Target dependencies

Targets with their dependencies to other targets are listed in the table below. For people it is much more useful to visualize dependencies. Ant (build.)xml files can be easily transformed into a dependency graph with the tool  

Grand: Graphical Representation of ANt Dependencies

Simply download to extract grand-ui-0.7.2 and launch grand-ui.bat (on Windows) and 'Quick Open' the build file you want to visualize. The full build.xml file for OpenGTS_2.4.3 looks like this



At this point of the OpenGTS analysis it makes sense to recall the goal to integrate the ROAF. Before doing so the ant build process can be used to strip down the full OpenGTS release to the vital parts needed to integrate new components.

This process is demonstrated on the next page: creating an OpenGTS Lite version.


Please click on a target (left col) to jump to the relevant page in this OpenGTS section:

target name=depends=
compile compile.base,compile.servers,compile.servlets
compile.base gtsutils,gtsdb,optjars,tools,gtsdmtp
compile.servers compile.base,gtsdmtp,icare,aspicore,tk10x,sipgear,taip,template
compile.servlets compile.base,track,events,mologogo,gc101,gprmc,gpsmapper
gtsdb.jar gtsdb
gtsdb prepare,gtsutils,
gtsutils gtsutils.jar
gtsutils.compile prepare
gtsutils.jar prepare,gtsutils.compile
wartools.jar wartools
wartools tomcat.env,prepare,gtsdb
warmaps.jar warmaps
warmaps tomcat.env,prepare,gtsdb,wartools
track.all track
track track.compile,track.war
track.prepare tomcat.env
track.compile tomcat.env,prepare,gtsdb,wartools,warmaps,track.prepare
track.war track.prepare
track.deploy track.war
gprmc.all gprmc
gprmc gprmc.compile,gprmc.war
gprmc.compile tomcat.env,prepare,gtsdb,wartools
gprmc.deploy gprmc.war
gc101 gc101.compile,gc101.war
gc101.compile tomcat.env,prepare,gtsdb,wartools
gc101.deploy gc101.war
template prepare,gtsdb
tk10x prepare,gtsdb
tools prepare,gtsdb,tomcat.env
systemProps prepare
epoch gtsutils


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