Learning Java with the ROAF Packages

The vision of the book to model the real world is actually reversing the evolution of objects for software development.
The first intention to design the Java language was to control electronic devices via software interfaces.

The vision of the ROAF is to model real objects with software objects.

This vision serves as the main guideline to develop the main components of the ROAF to get a reference application running to the end of the book. The structure of the book is aligned with The JavaTM Tutorials to develop solid and approved Java skills. The first Java Trails help to design a simple GPS point with a Position interface. And the result after going through the majority of Java Trails is a complex asynchronous client server application.

Therefor the book and the ROAF provides ...

one single Java Tutorial Project covering most of the Java Tutorial Trails

... and is the ideal companion if you plan to become an

Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer
or Oracle Certified Master, Java SE Developer .

The distributed application can be launched and modified as desired, which is much more motivating than looking at isolated trails and snippets.

And what's even more fun is learning Java in groups with other students ...