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Programming GPS
and OpenStreetMap
Applications with Java

The book describes the process
from  the vision of 'modeling the world'
to the mission to provide a reference application and conclude the first development cycle
with a prototype.

The resulting ROAF software 
with the Reference Application London Chase
is released to the community of this website. 

The intention of the simple, yet overwhelming vision to ’model the world’ is to demonstrate the cognitive process of getting a grasp of a complex idea. How to approach? Where to begin? How to distribute programming? The book is demonstating how to get a grip on the initially vague vision and develop a basic library. 

Learning Java

The book analyzes the vision of 'modeling the world' from different perspectives with the intention to supply a good fundament for an organically growing software. The intended readers should be interested in the early intentions of introducing 'objects' in software development and to learn how to model a distributed client server system with Java.

The development steps are aligned with The Java Tutorial and makes the book a useful companion to prepare for the Java Certification exams. Object Oriented Analysis & Design ( OOA&D ) methodologies are introduced on the fly as indicated by the emerging requirements of the project mission.

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Teaching Java

This book also provides readers the opportunity to learn in groups. An instructor can begin a workshop by having students play against each other remotely on a game server. The group can be split into di fferent functional areas and experience distributed-application development. Each student can develop his own real (world) object according to his skill set and participate in a scenario de ned by rules. Implementations can range from very simple code all the way to arti ficial intelligence, depending on individual knowledge, skills, and interests. Testing and verifi cation implicitly takes place by interacting online with other (students') real objects. 

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Software Objects and Physical Objects

Besides going through all major packages of the Java Standard Edition a thorough analogy of software objects to physical objects is drawn. Physical objects are governed by the laws of physics. Vice versa these physical laws can be expressed with mathematical formulas, which can be implemented in software objects as real world representations.

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Spatial Data: GPS and Digital Maps

The increased availability of live data poses a great challenge to reflect the real world in a virtual world. As digital maps are an essential tool for organizing spatial data the processing of digital maps is described in detail. In order to synchronize GPS client data on a server application the handling of GPS data is thoroughly introduced. GPS data is the basis to apply formulas for time & space.